6 Tips To Look Like A Ballerina

Want to look like a ballerina but want to miss out on the actual physicality of it ( don’t blame you ! ). Here are my top 6 tips to look like a ballerina without pointing a toe !

1. Pastels

You gotta wear pastels ! The colours need to be light and soft but don’t necessarily have to be pink. You can use soft blues, violets or any powdery hues. Mixing these colours together makes a really pretty palette and you can really go to town with different combinations.

2. Material

Wearing the right material is important. Chiffon, tulle, silk anything light and airy that moves when you walk. These materials are used a lot in Ballet, because it follows our movement and glides over our body. It creates that ethereal other- worldly look.

3. Hair

Hair tied up high in a bun is the ultimate ballet look. But you don’t have to go the whole hog. Slicked back in a high pony or in a low centre parting creates that swan lake vibe, also maybe throw in a headscarf for extra detail.  Audrey Hepburn has this style down!

4. Jewellery

Fine delicate jewellery is a hit in the studio for ballerinas. Necklaces that are not too heavy on our décolletage ( for pirouettes !) and earrings that don’t weigh the earlobes down, give that fine detail to an outfit. Maybe a bit of sparkle if you are feeling uber feminine!

5. Waist Clinchers

It’s associated with ballet students, who wear them to find their centre. It has that Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev style who both rocked the belt in the studio. I have quite an athletic body so I like to accentuate my waist with a belt.

6. Posture

A lot of people assume that ballerina’s are very confident because a good posture can convey this. Shoulders back, chin in, pelvis neutral and you are in to looking like a ballerina instantly. However don’t walk with your feet turned out .. that’s just a bit too far!


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