Ballerinas Respite

A dancers life is very busy. Not only are we performing most evenings but during the day we’re preparing for upcoming productions.

It’s never as simple as preparing a show and then getting it on stage and having a chance to relax during the day (contrary to what people often think…), we are constantly learning new rep and new roles. This means that we’ll have a full day of rehearsing two or three (or four or five!) different ballets throughout the day while trying to fit our normal life into gaps between rehearsals.

Imagine those day to day pieces of life admin that you do while at work. The couple of minutes you spend on the phone to the estate agent, the time you slip away from the desk to coordinate dinner with your boyfriend…. now imagine doing that from within a quiet ballet studio – impossible!

Thats why those 15 minute breaks between rehearsals are so precious. You’ve got to move from studio to studio, find a second to book a physio appointment, grab somebody from wardrobe to discuss a costume alteration and find time to organise dinner! It’s still crucial to arrive in the studio ahead of the rehearsal though, arriving flustered is never good mental preparation, Request a Quote.

I have always thought these moments before a rehearsal in the studio are something quite beautiful. I love to see the different way in which a dancer spends these precious quiet minutes.  

It ranges from a quiet moment to oneself to go through repertoire with a colleague or just surfing through insta if you know you’ve got a less stressful rehearsal ahead of you. It’s just a brief moment you have for yourself and in this line of work that is appreciated indeed.


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