What is the purpose of dancing?

Dance: The Power of Expressing Emotions

Hey guys, today we have a very beautiful topic which we know very well and which tells us many things. It is a way to express our feelings without speaking. Yes, you are right, I am talking about dance. Dance is a form to express feelings and emotions. Earlier it was just a liking thing but now it has become the most important of people’s lives. Not only to enjoy but even it’s also learned to make a career.

Yes, there are many people who learn the dance to make their career. Dance is the ambition of many people. There are many types of dances even these dances are taught in schools, institutions, academies too. Its different forms make it special and unique so that it can be spread all over the world. When a child started learning dance, it means he has an ambition towards it and he wants to make his career in dance.

There is not a single purpose of dancing even there are many intentions after learning dance. There are many people whose aim is learning dance and they are not quite after learning dance even they are surviving with the base of dance.

Let’s go further and share that what is the purpose of dance

Actually, these days dance has many forms like hip-hop, classical, bhangra, break dance, contemporary etc. And these forms are really used by everyone who dances. Dance has one and only purpose, which is expressing the emotions and feelings. Dance expresses human feelings. The body language of the person can indicate that this guy dances or he and she knows the dance. Dance is really a beneficial exercise which keeps the body fit and healthy.

Through dance, a person can maintain the balance of the mentally, physically and heartily situation. Dance helps to describe the condition of the mind. The real purpose of dance is to continue breathing. Dance keep the people fresh. Whenever a person is sad, he can watch dance or can do the dance. There are many people who have no reason to dance. It just gives happiness to a person and happiness is the best medicine which can heal any wound.

Hence it is cleared that dance is the best exercise which keeps the person mentally and physically healthy. And sometimes it has a purpose or sometimes it doesn’t have. Still, it is actual that dance has many different purposes like some people are so passionate about dance. They want to make it their career in which they can get success. I hope that you would like it and I could make you satisfied with my answer. Well, at last, I would like to say thanks to giving me the opportunity by which I could share my views with you.


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