What Makes Diamonds So Valuable and Expensive?

The answer lies on the surface: because of their properties, which are quite unique. But not only that. But we should not forget the serious marketing campaign. The diamond’s exceptional hardness is its unbeatable value. The highest grade on the Mohs scale! A diamond can be burned or broken, but not scratched. In the absence of mechanical action and ultra-high temperatures, a diamond retains its pristine appearance for hundreds of years. The stone is also capable of reflecting and refracting light rays, forming glimpses of all the colors of the rainbow.

World popularity, which sealed the absolute primacy, came to the diamond in the middle of the 19th century. A brilliant marketing campaign called “Diamonds Forever” by De Beers played a major role in this. Since then, the stone has been perceived as a unique symbol of love and a diamond engagement ring became a must-have gift for the bride on her engagement day.

Why are diamonds so expensive?

After all, if you think about it, a diamond has a simple chemical composition, like an ordinary coal. In addition, this kind of stone is not uncommon, as it is mined on almost all continents. For example, emeralds and sapphires are much rarer. Therefore, the high price of diamonds is mostly a result of a successful trading strategy.

In the early 19th century, Cecil Rhodes, the founder of the diamond monopoly, De Beers, started to promote diamonds. An advertising campaign was launched under his leadership, the purpose of which was to convince buyers of the uniqueness of diamonds. By the way, the principle of diamond pricing was formulated in the following way: a desirable stone should not cost less than the average salary of three months. This pricing formula is still in use today. Today the market for diamonds is an artificial one. The Rappoport price list defines the approximate price of a stone. It reflects the average price of a stone on the world market. It affects the value of engagement rings vancouver.

How to distinguish a diamond from a fake?

Three of the easiest ways to test a stone:

  • Hold the stone up to the light and look through it. Through the diamond, you will only see a glowing dot in the center.
  • Take a magnifying glass and examine the stone. The diamond will have inclusions in the form of crystals, cracks and clouds.
  • Find an old glass and rub the diamond over it. If it is real, it will leave a scratch on the glass.


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