Eyebrow tattooing with hair technique

The procedure includes a separate drawing of each hair. As a result, the brows look natural and graceful. This procedure is: European and Asian.

European makeup – drawing of eyebrows in small uniform strokes.

Asian makeup – drawing hairs of different lengths, sometimes different


  • The eyebrows look thicker.
  • Healing occurs quickly due to the shallow penetration of the needle into the skin.
  • Scars near the brow ridges are masked.
  • Eyebrow tattooing allows you to change your shape.
  • The eyebrows will look symmetrical on both sides.

Powdery eyebrow dusting

Eyebrow tatto with the spray technique is the easiest and most painless way to make eyebrows more expressive, saturate them with colour and create an ideal shape. In the absence of precise contours, it is possible to maintain volume. The recovery process is short and painless. Powder coating provides natural beauty to browse by highlighting and correcting brows. The effect is reminiscent of makeup with a soft pencil or shaded eyeshadow. Spraying technique – point: the dots are tiny but in large quantities. This makeup often referred to as a pixel tattoo.

The combined technique (hairs + spraying)

A combined, mixed technique used to combine the benefits of best cosmetic tattooing Melbourne with shading and hairstyling. The essence of the method is a precise drawing of fine lines that imitate natural hairs, plus the soft filling of the entire eyebrow contour with pigment, like everyday makeup with shadows or a soft pencil. The combination of spraying and hair tattooing of eyebrows looks as natural and effective as possible. Cosmetic tattoo reviews Melbourne allow you to make a right choice.

Advantages of eyebrow tattoo “Hair + shading.”

Combines the naturalness of natural hairs and the effect of powder coating.

Masks any external imperfections of natural eyebrows up to their complete absence.

Using mixed techniques, you can give your eyebrows any shape, create any look.

Thick and thin eyebrows look as organic and well-groomed as possible.

Suitable for eyebrows of any colour.

It allows you to emphasize the eyebrows effectively, adds colour and volume to them.

Eyebrow microblading (hairs, dusting, combining).

Micropigmentation of eyebrows is strikingly different from tattooing. The restoration technology, as is often called microblading, gives realistic eyebrows. The drawn hairs look like their own, and the eyebrows acquire a beautiful, well-groomed and natural look.


  • practically painless, does not leave edema after the procedure;
  • does not fade over time into unpredictable colours;
  • heals comfortably without scarring;
  • pleases with natural eyebrows up to 1.5-2 years!


Filling the space between the eyelashes with a light arrow

Eye makeup with shading is trendy. You can fill the space between the eyelashes, make an arrow or a light shadow (shade the pigment). Most often, the latter option used. For this, the master applies the stain with a clear line and then shades it, making small vertical strokes. The blurry version looks natural and fits any look.


  1. lasts a long time in front of our eyes;
  2. can correct asymmetry;
  3. visually increases the density of eyelashes;
  4. enlarges the eyes;
  5. makes the image brighter.


Watercolour lip shading

The watercolour technique of lip tattooing performed using layer-by-layer shading of pigment. A delicate natural colour obtained due to micropigmentation, similar to the overflow of pink or peach sheen. At the same time, a precise contour not applied, and the sponges look voluminous and beautiful.


  • the technique masks asymmetry, small scars, scars, correct shape and thickness;
  • thin lips become more voluminous, wider. They look seductive and natural;
  • the beginning wrinkles in the corners of the lips are visually masked;
  • after the procedure, the lips will look like they covered with a shining gloss or balm;
  • time saved on daily makeup. You can easily visit the pool, beach, sauna;
  • dyes of vegetable origin retain their saturation for several years;
  • you can get any natural shade by mixing pigment solutions.


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