Fire in the hole!

CS is primarily a positional shooter, so many with the start of the round are in no hurry to run into the thick of things. Experienced players plant each other on advantageous points from which it is easier to shoot enemies. In case anyone does not know, a squat is when one player squats down and the other jumps on his head, using his comrade as a platform to get to a height that is inaccessible to others.

Squatting in CS is the most important strategic element that makes the game’s gameplay very different from other online shooters. They give the mechanics depth and create an atmosphere of real competition, where it is important not only the reaction speed, but also the tactics. 

Hidden Path, the people who have entrusted the development of Global Offensive, unfortunately, did not catch this. In comparison with 1.6 and Source the number of drop-offs and shots has drastically decreased, which, of course, cannot but disappoint loyal fans of the series. However, this unfortunate mistake will almost certainly be corrected with patches: GO is desperately fighting for the attention of eSports gamers, and such simplifications will hardly be to their liking. The game also got a lot of skins, which you can explore here

Updates in new CS

In addition to new guns (some came to replace old ones; for example, Heckler & Koch P2000 replaced USP, and SIG SG 556 – Krieg 552), two types of grenades were added to the game. Only the first one turned out to be really useful, as it is very useful to smoke the hiding enemies out of the cover. The decoy grenade simulates the sounds of gunfire and, by the idea, should distract the enemies. The only thing is that the opponents are not so often caught by this trick, so it is not very useful.

One of the most notable innovations are the modes “Demolition” and “Arms Race”, based on the famous modification GunGame (the same idea was used in the Close Quarters add-on for Battlefield 3). In “Arms Race” you get more and more powerful guns for killing your enemies. Start the round with ordinary pistols, and then get your hands on shotguns, machine guns, and rifles. For dessert, the golden knife, the latest weapon. The first one to stab someone with it wins. In “Demolition” it’s vice versa: with each frug you get weaker and weaker weapon. 

CS:GO побил свой рекорд по одновременному онлайну игроков | RBK Games

The modes are fun, but take place on not the best maps. On the lower levels of some locations no one goes down at all, and the enemies are almost always run the same route due to the small size of the levels and the lack of additional passages, which makes most of the sessions similar to each other. Another unpleasant thing – crookedly placed revival points. You do not have time to appear, and you’re already being fired on from all the barrels. As a result, the fastest one to get the golden knife is the one who first gets a decent weapon and runs up to the enemy’s respawn zone.

Since the release of the original Counter-Strike has been more than thirteen years. During this time, the network shooters have changed a lot, and only “CS” has remained where it was. But if you want to make a variety, it makes sense to use the site


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