How to find a reliable realtor

Realtor’s services when buying foreign real estate are an integral part of the process, rather even one of its main components – a highly qualified specialist will make the procedure of buying foreign square meters not only comfortable, but also the most profitable for the client. What is the best way to start when you start looking for a realtor? Of course, it is best to go straight to the Internet, unless, of course, there are no ready personal recommendations of close people, who are usually valued for the weight of gold. But this happens infrequently, and the Internet is always at hand. First of all, it makes sense to filter two or three sites of companies that specialize in specific countries. Of course, you can choose a cosmopolitan firm, but the range of proposals can be linked from the beginning, losing a decent amount of time.

But, on the other hand, for those buyers who would like to buy overseas property, but who do not understand what country to choose – in this case, the diversity of countries in the company can be a good help. Most often, such companies carry out the work process through their intermediary partners in the field, with the common practice is that the commission must be paid by the seller of the property, so the buyer should not worry about the presence of multiple agents in the chain.

Having decided on the country, it makes sense to decide for yourself how best to organize the follow-up process: to travel to the country of interest or to start actions at home, finding in the hometown of the company and realtors, helping to select the property before leaving for the viewings. If the buyer has decided to act in the territory of the country of purchase, where the property is supposed to buy, it is important to know that a local agency can not always close all regions of the country, especially if the territory is extensive and diverse – France, Italy, Greece, etc. Most often, local agencies specialize in several areas – respectively, it makes sense to contact those professionals who work with the objects of interest in the region. For example, if you are interested in a property in Mallorca, you can find the option you need here

In an uncertain situation, it is best to make a selection of several companies from different regions, to communicate with realtors, thus narrowing down the range of their interests. By the way, highly professional companies provide their services in the language of the client. This is a very important parameter, which helps to avoid misunderstandings on important issues. 

When you decide to contact a realtor in the city and country where the buyer directly lives and works, there are more opportunities for a tight preparation for a trip to the place of purchase, screening out everything superfluous in advance, without wasting time and money on additional viewing of unsuitable property. On the spot realtors are loaded with views as much as possible and it is not always possible to spend extra time to review all desirable and undesirable aspects in advance.

There is another scheme that potential buyers periodically think to use – go to the developer directly to save on the services of realtors. However, in reality, it is not as simple as it seems: representatives of the developer see before them a client who does not know the situation in the market, a buyer who most often lacks a clear understanding of the real estate prices. So instead of saving money, an enterprising independent buyer can spend more than what is planned – paying the same amount of money as in a duet with a realtor, only accompanied by a specialist will save time and nerves, not to mention the quality of the purchased object.


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