Gifts for New Year and Christmas

New Year’s Eve and Christmas are approaching, drawing a line under this challenging and even somewhat dramatic year. And while there weren’t many reasons to be merry in 2021, that’s no excuse not to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve from the bottom of our hearts. And what a holiday without presents! So we decided to make a small selection of what will help you raise the holiday spirit and share it with your family and friends.

If you find it difficult to choose a gift, you can visit and choose something interesting.

A pair of gnomes soft toy

A cute gift for kids, this toy is a variation on the theme of what if instead of elves, gnomes were Santa Claus’ helpers. According to fairy tales and fantasy books, gnomes are very hardworking people, and they would do a great job as indispensable assistants. With such assistants no child in the world is not left without a gift! And they are – a wonderful gift for your baby.

Ceramic Gnome Baking Form

Let’s continue the theme of gnomes with another magical gift, but already for an older audience. A vintage gnome-shaped baking mold will allow you or the people you make happy with such a gift to make original culinary items. However, this gift is good not only for cooking. After all, this gnome figure has a hole for fixing, so it can serve you also as a decorative part of the interior. A fine universal New Year’s gift.

Figurine New Year’s Eve Reindeer

The reindeer that Santa Claus harnesses into his wagon is associated rather with another holiday. But in any case, Christmas and New Year are practically related events, which are celebrated one after the other, so nothing prevents the reindeer from being a symbol of December 31, too. Especially if this charming creature has a real lantern in his hand, which can be lit and create a joyful and a little mysterious holiday atmosphere.

Statuette Christmas Tree

In these blessed times of eco-consciousness it is no longer customary to cut down a Christmas tree in the forest to stand in the house. Therefore, each family for the sake of saving the forest solves the issue in its own way. Usually they buy an artificial Christmas tree, but you can buy a more elegant version in online stores. It is an elegant porcelain statuette of a Christmas tree, which is already decorated with toys and figurines of cupids. Compact size, no falling needles, and most importantly, creating a festive atmosphere, make this figurine a great alternative to a living or artificial Christmas tree.

During these holidays the most important thing is not the look of the gift, but how you guessed what the recipient needs most of all. That’s why we invite you to and believe that you will find exactly what will make this holiday special for you and your relatives, friends and colleagues. After all, modern gift cards can be a great option for an independent gift, or a gift that will complement your main gift.


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