Impotence basic signs and causes

Impotence is a word that scares a large number of men. No one wants to face this problem, but there are many different reasons why it can happen. This is a problem that involves the inability of the male penis to acquire a normal state of arousal, to stay in it for the right amount of time.

The main features of impotence

There are many remedies on the modern market that can be used to solve this problem. A variety of drugs are offered to increase potency, which may differ in different characteristics. Online pharmacy offers a wide range at adequate prices.

Treatment can be conservative and surgical. Erection is a complex process, which is provided by many different factors. If there is a failure at one of the important stages, there is a serious problem. Typically, impotence appears due to leading an improper lifestyle, poor nutrition, constant stress, etc. The quality of erections is negatively affected by hypodynamia, which is caused by impaired blood flow. Often there are problems due to psycho-emotional worries. Physical overloading of the body may also lead to this, as well as uncontrolled use of certain medications. Alcohol has a negative effect on the genitals, can block the onset of an erection. Among the main causes of this problem are:

  • Diseases of neurological origin.
  • Problems with the psyche.
  • Heart disease, etc. 

When should action be taken?

There are several factors that should alert a man. If you pay attention to them in time, it will be possible to take measures, to solve the problems. Among the main factors that should not go unnoticed are lack of libido, lack of ejaculation, frequent premature ejaculation in experienced men at a mature age. 

How to keep men’s health in winter?

For some reason many people ignore the fact that in the cold season you can encounter a variety of problems due to hypothermia. It is very easy to protect yourself if you dress correctly. There are a few must-have closet items that will help make everything effortless. You should wear underpants, which is nothing weird or embarrassing. Thermal underwear, warm sweatshirts made of natural materials can come in handy. No one will look ridiculous in such clothes, and certainly not a bit lose their own masculinity. This is a reliable protective factor that allows you to protect your potency.

It is not necessary to walk around naked or spend a lot of time in the street in order to damage the male health. It is enough just to walk around in the cold in light pants. In this case, the probability of contracting prostatitis increases many times, which has a negative impact on the entire body. Blood vessels are severely affected by the cold, which can cause problems with the reproductive system. So always try to pay attention to warmth. If you are familiar with intermittent or even constant problems with erectile function, you should take a closer look at the assortment of the store


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