How to find happiness on a dating site

What associations do you have with finding a man on a dating site? Most women have negative experience on websites, so they do not believe in this as a way to find their man. In fact, most likely, you just misused this very effective tool that modern technologies presented to us. Dating site is the number one among places where there are men. Everyone is sitting on the sites! All categories of men: millionaires who have no time, and loafers who have nothing to do. Here you can also meeting gay men.

How to avoid mistakes on a dating site

  1. Registration. Select a site and register on it. Be sure to indicate that you are looking for a serious relationship.
  2. Photo. Pick the right photo. If the wrong men write to you, most likely you posted a bad photo. The photo should be very natural, as if you were shot accidentally. Photos with a frank neckline, staged pictures are not suitable. You should also try hard and do a staged photo shoot, but a photo taken on the phone will also not work. Upload no more than 5 photos to your profile: portrait, full-length, outdoors, at work, with friends. In all these photos you should have a neat makeup and styling. In addition, you should look perfect every day. Unfortunately, many women do perfect makeup and hairstyle only once in their life – for a wedding.
  3. Fill out the profile. No need to complete a full dossier. This is not interesting for a man; he chose you from the photo. Write the name, age, city. Only everything is fair. Also be sure to indicate that you are looking for a serious relationship. And, if desired, you can indicate your hobbies or hobbies. Here you can write something frivolous, such as “I like ice cream.” A lot of men will immediately respond to such a simple phrase, and will want to feed you ice cream. No surnames, links to social networks and other details.
  4. Correspondence. A man will correspond with you, at best, up to a week. Most likely, he will want to make an appointment for you almost immediately. Normal men write with completely simple phrases: “let’s go to the cinema”, “let’s drink tea together”. They don’t have time to compose poems for you. They want to immediately see if the “product” is worth their time and energy. This is normal. All the other storytellers who have nothing to do will write you day and night, use amazing metaphors, plague you with sweet speeches for a month, but they will not be called on a date. Do not waste time on them. It’s better to give it up before you’re used to it. If the site starts offering you sex right away, brazenly treat you, do not waste time with such people. Do not continue the dialogue at all, immediately send them to the black list. If you have been invited on a date, exchange numbers, put yourself in order and go.
  5. The meeting. In no case do not let the man call you home. To make it convenient, make an appointment somewhere in a cafe near work. Never order a lot of food on your first date. Do not scroll through the menu, just order your favorite drink: coffee, tea, juice, water. In order to understand whether this is your person, one hour is enough for you. The main thing, remember: you do not go on a first date to get married, you go to chat with a person and drink your favorite drink (you must have it).

Invent and write in detail your life according to the points: first love, loss of virginity, marriage, divorce, some other experience. Remember only the best of your life together. Do not focus on insults, do not say bad things about your ex-husband, do not say that you were abandoned. It’s just that your goals in life have diverged. And this is not fiction, you all had it: love, romance, flowers and trembling knees. You just forgot, and now you need to remember. On dating sites you can find the meeting lesbian women category. So take full advantage of such resources.


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