Street sports equipment

Street sports complexes are a sure way to physical health not only of adults, but also of children. Nowadays it is very important to be an example for the younger generation. In addition, a physically healthy country is our future. Therefore, it is necessary to instill in a child a love of sports from an early age, and street complexes for children will help in this. They are usually installed in large yards and on playgrounds.

Features of street equipment for children and adults

A typical children’s street game complex is a Swedish wall with a handle, a horizontal bar with a wide and narrow grip, parallel bars, a pole, a rope, a rope ladder, rings and other outdoor gym equipment. The street game complex for children can also be supplemented with a slide, painted in bright colors to attract the attention of kids and just create a great mood. The street game complex for children is made of durable wear-resistant materials and can withstand loads of up to 100 kg and even more.

The street children’s sports complex is resistant to atmospheric influences (rain, snow, hail, ice, strong wind), so you don’t have to worry that it will soon become rusty. Special surface treatment will reliably protect it from various kinds of damage and corrosion.

The advantages of street complexes

Sports street complexes have a number of advantages over gyms. Firstly, you can practice at any time of the day, in addition, no one bothers to combine classes with morning or evening jogging. Children’s street complexes are also useful in that the child will do physical exercises in the fresh air, and not in a stuffy gym, where there is often a problem with ventilation. In addition, a sports street complex is a good saving of money, since it is purchased once for many years to come. A children’s street complex can also be supplemented with a swing, and then several children can engage in it and relax at the same time. Modern manufacturers complement outdoor sports complexes for children with various outdoor gymnastic equipment to improve the sports program and diversify it.

Features of street sports complexes

The classic street sports complex consists of a Swedish wall and horizontal bar. In most cases, the crossbars are made from metal – this is a way to extend the life of the complex, and protection against vandals, and the ability to provide proper maintenance (metal can be painted if necessary with almost any paint).

Additionally, stationary horizontal bars, gymnastic rings, rope ladders, hinged bar stands, press benches, brackets for attaching a boxing bag, and workout stairs may be present in the street complex. Often manufacturers complete their children’s hinged sets. All of them help to effectively perform exercises for the abs, arms, and back of the neck. And outdoor activities will make calorie consumption even more intense – an average of 20% more than during traditional workouts in the gym or at home.

Features of street complexes:

  • Opportunities for stable mounting on a concrete base;
  • Increased margin of safety;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments (atmospheric phenomena).

A street sports complex is what you need for the full development of health and training in strength and endurance at any age. Swedish street walls and horizontal bars are equally suitable for both children and adults who seek to engage in physical activity in the fresh air. Not only in the warm, but also in the cold season, it is pleasant to warm up on them, perform several exercises in your free time without visiting the gym. You can now buy such equipment on the Internet, so anyone can install them at home for themselves and their children.


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